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Administrators in Medicine
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   Alabama Board of Medical Examiners Home Page
   Alaska State Medical Board Home Page
Florida Medical
   Florida Medical Board Home Page
Florida Osteo
   Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine Home Page
Georgia Composite Medical Board
   Georgia Composite Medical Board Home Page
   Kansas Board of Healing Arts Home Page
   Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Home Page
   Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine Board Home Page
   Maryland Board of Physicians
   Minnesota Board of Medical Practice Home Page
New Mexico
   New Mexico Board of Medical Examiners Home Page
North Carolina
   North Carolina Medical Board Home Page
North Dakota
   North Dakota State Board of Medical Examiners Home Page
Oklahoma Medical
   Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure & Supervision Home Page
   Oregon Medical Board Home Page
   Texas Medical Board Home Page
   State of Wyoming Board of Medicine Home Page
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(The states listed below have chosen to link this site to their individual state search website only. The licensing data does not reside on the docboard website. Contact the individual board directly if you have access problems.)

Administrators in Medicine Home Page
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